09 March 2011

budapest travel & an interview with Gabby of Gypsy*Diaries

Do you read the blog Gypsy*Diaries? Gabby, the lovely lady behind the blog, is fun, super creative, fashionable, and she has traveled the world! In Gypsy*Diaries, she tells us all about her fashion, traveling, her journey to becoming a photographer, and all things that inspire her. I thought it would be a lot of fun to have her help me write this Budapest post (she lived there until she recently moved to Berlin). So, I did a little interview about the city and about herself, and I'd love to share it with you today! Thanks so much, Gabby!! It was a lot of fun learning more about you! First a few of her thoughts on Budapest:

photo courtesy of Gabby (Gypsy*Diaries)
 E: I went to Budapest a couple of years ago and had a great time. I was only there for a few days so only got to do the main touristy things. Could you suggest some things to do or see that are a little off the beaten path? 
G: Budapest is one of the most amazing and most understated cities in Europe! There are so many cool things to see and to do that I don't even know where to start! :D Actually put together a little Budapest guide on my blog a few months ago, this pretty much summarizes my favorite places in the city!
(E: check it out, it's a really good guide. I'm bringing it with me next time I go back!)
My friends and I in the city.. see the Parliament building behind us?
E: What are some of your favorite restaurants or bars in Budapest? What kinds of foods do you get there?

G: The thing I love the most about food in Budapest is its diversity. I really don't think there are any nationalities which are not represented on the local restaurant palette, not to mention that the menus are usually much longer than anywhere else in the world (from what I've seen so far :)). Most typical would probably be Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Mexican restaurants.
Myself and M. on one of the many bridges, photo credit Nate Brown
 E: If you could sum up Budapest in a couple of sentences, which I know is crazy hard to do, what would you say about the city and the people?

G: It's always extremely difficult to just sum up a city in a few sentences! I'd say fun, unique, retro, laid back and simply COOL!
E's thoughts... From what I saw, I would agree. I remember Budapest being laid back and very cool. Actually, the first thing I remember about Budapest is being alone when I arrived at the airport and not being able to read the signs! I was scared for a minute, then I quickly found some very nice people working at the informational booth, who also spoke English, and guided me to a taxi that took me to my hotel. After that, it was smooth sailing and the game was on. I  loved what I saw in the city!
My favorite experience there has to be going to the baths. My friends and I went to the Szechenyi bath, which has lots of indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, steam rooms, you name it. We also took a tour of Buda castle, toured caves with lanterns (which, was hilarious!), roamed the streets and bridges, watched the Danube, watched the people, shopped, ate, and drank lots of beer (didn't try the palinka, sadly. next time, next time...). I would go back for sure, and I'd love to spend more time there, actually! 
p.s. come back later on today for a post on a re-make of the best dish I ate while in Budapest!!
Now, a little more about Gabby:

E: You have just taken the huge plunge to become a photographer and from your blog we all see you are becoming really great at it! How did you get started? What do you love about it?

G: Exactly one year ago I started my blog, Gypsy*Diaries. After seeing how important having original, good quality pictures in your posts I've purchased a DSLR and bammmm I was hooked. :) I always admired photographers and I always thought they have the coolest job in the world but somehow I never thought it was something I could be doing as well. However, I've read some amazing stories about strong and wonderful women who decided to change their lives and I got so inspired that I decided if they can do it, I can do it as well! I was looking for something new in my life for a long time and photography turned out to be the change I was longing for. I love the creativity that photography requires, I love to organise the shoots and think about concepts, I love post processing and I just love showing the finished products around (most of the time :). A photo really can capture moments and emotions in your life that you'll remember forever. I love to create beautiful pictures and I just love to see smiley faces when I deliver the final results. I started a photography school and now I'm kind of levitating between school, assistant jobs and online courses to learn as much as I can, as quick as I can. I'm hoping to open my own photography business later this year! :) 
photo courtesy of Gabby (Gypsy*Diaries)
 E: Besides photography, what are some of your favorite things to do? I’m going to guess travel is on this list!
G: Haha yes! :D Traveling definitely tops my list, but I also love being engaged in the blogging community, going to spinning classes, staying at home watching movies the whole weekend, dancing and exploring new places!
E: You have traveled so many places! I am completely envious. Do you have a favorite place you’ve been or a place you can’t wait to get back to?
G: I have many favorite places and I love them for different reasons. Barcelona took my heart as favorite city the first time I've ever visited,  Zanzibar had the most beautiful beach I've ever seen and the culture of Thailand has been really fun to discover! I normally don't like to go to the same place twice (there is so much new to explore! :) but to the big European cities like London, Paris or Barcelona I'm always glad to go back!

Thanks again, Gabby!! Now, go check out Gabby's blog, Gypsy*Diaries, if you haven't already! You are definitely in for a treat!!

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