22 April 2011

happy birthday kev!!

an ode to kevin (the best man I know) in so many photos (& words), for your birthday.

kevin is someone who:
loves the outdoors
can dork out, just like I me. Yes, that says "measurement of thermionic electron emission from modified graphene petals", right.
who loves when I take his picture while driving
who loves my family's dogs, even though they are the worst-dogs-in-the-world!
who takes me to pumpkin patches and to pick apples from trees

who wears my college's t-shirt (and admits my mascot looks way better in that stance than his does)
who is a lover of fine foods
who doesn't know karate, but karate chops things when he thinks no one is looking
who is almost as silly as I am
and who loves me a lot!
...for all those reasons and so many more, I love you, my boy. May this year be filled with just as much joy, fun, and love as the last. Happy Birthday!!
Brownie recipe found here (per Kev's request) + PB icing, PB m&m's + birthday candles!

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