23 May 2011

all is quiet

hello my friends. i'm simply here to check in today.

it has been a roller coaster, to be honest, these past few weeks, as I've been preparing and then starting a new job. Change has always come a little bit hard for me, and I can be slow at getting back to normal, and that is exactly what is going on these days. As I am ramping back up to my normal pace of life I wanted to leave you with a few blissful things that have brought me back to equilibrium, even if just for a few moments.

1) My beautiful best friend Abbie sent me lots of pictures of her wedding dress shopping excursion, since I couldn't be there with her. Let me just tell you, she is going to be the most beautiful bride in the world.

2) My grandmother's spaghetti sauce, which I made for the first time, ever. This is a recipe I could never share on here, not because I'm a hoarder of family recipes (darlings, I'm all about the sharing), but because I'd be infinitely embarrassed if you knew what went in there. It's just one of those things I grew up with, that I will always love. I made a ton and froze just as much to make dinners easier as I'm transitioning into this job.

3) Reading. I've been behind on reading books and have had An Object of Beauty on my list since it came out, well I'm finally digging in and loving it so far. It makes my long commute (luckily on public trans) a lot nicer.
4) Fresh cherries. Apparently it is cherry season around here. I've bought 4 lbs in the last couple of days, that are sweet, ripe, and just in season. Cherry sauce + vanilla ice cream, here I come.

5) My ity bitty potted herb + flower + tomato garden. City livin doesn't allow for much more than this, but that's ok!

Tell me, friends, what do you do at times like these?

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