31 May 2011

Point Reyes & Tomales Bay - weekend edition

In search of a little food, a little sea, and a little shopping, Kev and I hopped in the car on Sunday for a quick jaunt up to Point Reyes Station & Tomales Bay. If you've never been, I can not recommend a trip up there more highly. The drive from Easy Bay is gorgeous, winding through state parks and red woods, passing pasture after rolling hill of grazing cows (happy cows!), sometimes catching site of a few deer, and often slowing down for wild quail crossing the street. 
We first went up to the Point Reyes National Sea Shore for a night of camping a few weeks ago. We stayed in Coast camp, and these two photos below were the views from our tent. Not too shabby, right?
 This time, we made the ritual stop at the Pine Cone diner, strolled along the main street, stopping in all the amazing shops, including coyuchi (an amazingly lovely organic bedding shop), running into an absolutely lovely little new & used bookstore and, of course, picking up cheese @ Cowgirl Creamery & bread + pastries @ the Bovine Bakery.
a neat little park in the sun, perfect for snacking on Bovine Bakery goods
treasures picked up while shopping in town
 With supplies in hand, we headed to Tomales Bay for some Hog Island Oysters, and were lucky enough to grab a bench + grill in the sun despite the huge crowd. The picnic area was full of energy, with fun music blasting, games being played, champagne popping, and the weather was sunny as can be. Most importantly, I shucked my first oysters, adding a necessary check to my list of "cooking things I want to know how to do".
So, all in all it was a pretty great Memorial Day weekend. I hope it was pretty great for all of you too!

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