08 December 2011

october - november 2011

My oh my, how two months can pass ever so quickly. Life has been a little crazy, and then yet not. I've been thinking about starting a new blog, because the food just isn't coming out of my kitchen as quickly as I'd like it to. The general order of things around here includes quick weeknight meals (not particularly worth sharing) and meals out on weekends. I absolutely love writing this blog and getting to know some amazing ladies I've met through it... so, would a new blog be the answer? A place wehre I could write about topics other than what I've cooked lately, other inspirations, other thoughts.

While, I'm pondering this, I thought I would at least update with some of the major happening of the last 2 months. They've gone by quickly because they've been so jam-packed with goodness, really.

Back in the end of October we had some of our favorite people come visit us. We packed 5 of us (4 adults, 1 baby) in the car and headed to Napa for two days, strolled the streets of San Francisco, had beers and calamari by the water, and even did a little wedding dress shopping (boys not included, of course). The loveliness of that long weekend will stick around for long to come. That baby, he is one easy-going kid, and he just may be destined to be a sommelier; I'm fairly certain he has already been to more wineries than I ever have.
By the end of November we saw some more of our favorite people get married on the eastern shore of Maryland.  That weekend is another one that will just marinate and stay in my thoughts for a long time coming. These two... they are the stuff marriage is made for. It was a beautiful, super fun love-extravaganza that wedding was, and I couldn't be more happy for the two of them! Both of their families are pretty amazing to boot, and her mother quite possibly lives in one of the most idyllic spots of all time. I seriously wanted to quit my day job and be her lady-sitter, just so I could live there (and take the boat out from time to time).
I have to give a big Thank You! to Lauren from Second Star Photography, for letting me use her photo here... Lauren was so much fun to chat with and her photos beautifully capture that amazing day. I had such a hard time picking one to share, because there were so many great options!

A week at Thanksgiving led to lots of wedding planning, which has been unusually easy and stress-free for me. We met our amazing photographers for the first time and had a little engagement shoot, which I just can't wait to see the results of! We tasted some delicious cake, picked out wine and food, and tables, and all that. Only the little details are left, I'd say, and that feels pretty great to me. For those interested, here is a little sneak peak/ inspiration board for "the-big-day".
Well folks, that's about it. Hopefully i'll be back soon with some new holiday treats or possibly even a new blog... but in the meantime, if you're looking for sweet Holiday recipes, here are some suggestions from my past lives...

caramel corn, my all time favorite, no joke
chocolate peppermint bark cookies, i've been craving these since july
eggnog french toast, just do it, ok?
nutmeg logs, of course!
tres leches cake, we always seem to have this at Christmas, I have no idea why, except that its delicious
carrot cake cookie sandwiches, you really can't go wrong giving out these
brown butter cranberry cookie muffins, odd sounding, supremely delish

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