02 January 2012

holidays 2011

As always, the holidays passed by much to quickly this year. With almost 2 weeks off work, I was able to pack a lot in, but with minimal time to record it all. So here is a quick glimpse at holiday season 2011, according to my iphone.

A few days in NC pre-Christmas made everything feel just right, especially our colorful tree in the corner with my grandmother's hand-crocheted snowflakes, cat fur on my new pj's, presents under the tree, spending time with my family, lots of meals out, all that...
a hop up to unsnowy Minnesota for nearly a week was a great time with my soon-to-be family. With a houseful of colds keeping us in (for once, not the weather), we mostly stayed in playing bored games until we were bored, doing puzzles, drinking wine, cooking  up a storm, with a fire or two in the background. We did make it out for the annual trip to see the British Commercial Awards at the Walker, and while there I fell hard for this crazy beaded masterpiece... can you even imagine all the work?
back to California, I dressed in my beaded best for a quiet (and super delicious) New Year's Eve with Kevin at Frances... I'd been dying to go, and it definitely lived up to the hype on both food and service. I also fell hard for the decor there, and not one to usually pull out my phone at dinner, I had to snap a picture of the front nook. With the simple garland draped around the windows, I think I have inspiration for next Christmas already!
Finally, a New Year's Day feast of homemade cavatelli and sauce... and a quiet night at home. Can't complain. 2012 is looking good!

I  hope your holidays were as fantastic as mine. Here is to an amazing 2012! With loads of excitement in store (i.e. the wedding), I can barely contain myself... Cheers!

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